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Arbitration 2018

K.J. Krzeminski, M.M.J. Vink (red.)

The most relevant national and international laws and regulations in the field of arbitration.
This edition includes the most recent arbitration rules. All texts are current as of July 2018.

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Constitutional Law of the Netherlands

L.F.M. Besselink

An Introduction with Texts, Cases and Materials for the study of the constitutional law of the Netherlands. Course book for foreign students visiting Dutch Universities.

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Dutch Law in Action

F. Bruinsma

In this socio-legal tourist guide the Dutch legal system and the corresponding legal culture are described.

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ECHR case files

The case files of the lawyer and of the intervener before the European Court of Human Rights

L.R. Glas

This Ars Aequi Procesdossier (Case Files) describes the application and intervention procedure before the European Court of Human Rights. Relying on real case files, it is explained step by step how an actual procedure develops.

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European Fundamental Rights Cases 1970-2014

M.P. Beijer, J.H. Gerards, L.R. Glas (red.)

This compendium of European Fundamental Rights Cases contains a selection of landmark judgments of the European Court of Human Rights and the European Court of Justice.

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European Private International Law 2015-2017

K.R.S.D. Boele-Woelki, R.J. ter Rele (red.)

This volume collects international and European instruments which primarily contain Private International Law rules for jurisdiction, the applicable law and the recognition and enforcement of foreign decisions.

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European Regulation of Company Law 2017-2019

R. Mellenbergh, G.T.M.J. Raaijmakers (red.)

This second edition includes European company law directives and regulations, the proposed new Twelfth Directive on single-member private limited liability companies, as well as other important documents in relation to European company law, such as the European Commission (EC) 2012 Action Plan on European Company Law and Corporate Governance, and several EC Recommendations.

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The Principles of European Contract Law and Dutch Law

A Commentary

D. Busch, E.H. Hondius, H.J. van Kooten, H.N. Schelhaas, W.M. Schrama (red.)

This publication is the first to provide a systematic overview of the Principles of European Contract Law in comparison with Dutch contract law as a whole. The book is concise and because of its structure it is easily accessable.

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Towards a European Civil Code

A.S. Hartkamp, M.W. Hesselink, E.H. Hondius, C. Mak, C.E. du Perron (red.)

An international classic on European private law, with contributions on the following matters: constitutionalisation; social concerns; economic analysis; arguments against a European civil code; e-commerce; sales, service and insurance contracts.

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