European Regulation of Company Law 2017-2019

Over the past years, European regulation has become increasingly important in the company law of the Member States of the European Union (EU). European regulation of company law has moved from a set of preconditions to the systems of national law, to a source of law with ever growing relevance.

Because of the still expanding legislation of the EU, the editors decided to split up the previous third edition (2013) of the collection European Regulation of Company and Securities Law into two new collections: European Regulation of Company Law (2015/2017) and European Regulation of Securities Law (2016/2017). Both collections aim at bringing together the most important directives, regulations and other documents on both European company law and European securities law.

The European legislator integrated some existing European company law directives by means of enacting the Directive Relating to Certain Aspects of Company Law in the Summer of 2017, which resulted in repealing six former European company law directives. The aim of this new directive is to make EU company law more reader-friendly, and to reduce the risk of future inconsistencies. This new directive does not involve any change to the substance of the repealed European company law directives. Moreover, the Shareholder Rights Directive was amended significantly in 2017.

This second edition of the volume of European Regulation of Company Law (2017/2019) includes European company law directives and regulations, the proposed new Twelfth Directive on single-member private limited liability companies, as well as other important documents in relation to European company law, such as the European Commission (EC) 2012 Action Plan on European Company Law and Corporate Governance, and several EC Recommendations.

All texts are updated till 18 September 2017. Changes after 18 September 2017 have not been taken into account.

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